10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

How to Get My 10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

Happy weekend to all the readers of my personal finance blog posts. Recently, I have been thinking on how to ensure you don’t miss any of my contents. With the hustling and bustling of the week, it is possible you hardly have enough time to do what you like to do. This will not only be applicable to those who are working in 9-5pm corporate jobs, it also applies to the self-employed.

I can use myself as a case study. If you should ask me if I achieve all my goals set for each week, I will be sincere to say “No”. That is not to say that I don’t work towards achieving them. But at times, you realise that other things that are more important may suddenly crop up. For example, I may plan to work on a project that is not time bound and I suddenly get a call from a client to come for a meeting. When such event happens, I may need to drop some things so that I can see how to blend the new assignments into my day or week. However, what I do in most cases is to see how I can use my weekends to cover those gaps.

So, for people who might want to read my articles but due to the time constraints or other factors, I have decided to create a link here where you can quickly read through my 10 latest blog posts on personal finance. I limit it to just 10 posts as there is likelihood that the posts will cover at least two weeks. If you have been following my previous posts, you will know that I write on specific topics such as credit cards, insurance, loans and investing. For new visitors, I use this opportunity to equally welcome you. In order not to miss my posts again, you have the option of bookmarking the link shared below or you can chose to subscribe directly to the feeds. Whatever option, I believe you will be able to achieve the same result. With the link below, I may not need to keep posting this topic every week as the feeds will be self-updating. You can be sure of finding out my 10 latest posts there per time.

My 10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

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