Bad Credit and How to avoid or Fix it

What is Bad Credit? Bad credit does not speak good of anyone. Your credit score determines your credit status. If you have a bad credit report, this will translate into a bad credit score. On the other hand, if your credit report shows that you have a good credit, this will impact positively on your credit score. The question is that, how can use your credit score to determine whether you are having a bad credit or not? This is very simple but let me explain certain things to you here first. Each time you use your credit card, the report Continue ReadingBad Credit and How to avoid or Fix it

What to Know about Small Business Credit Cards

Useful hints on small business credit cards. There are many business credit cards available for small business owners to choose from. These business credit cards usually come with different features. You can hardly see two business cards that offer the same features. Even if the features seem to be the same, the associated costs, bonus and rewards may be quite different. Therefore, before you settle for a particular business credit card, you need to understand that you are not only looking for a card that can help you make financial transactions; you need to choose the one that will actually Continue ReadingWhat to Know about Small Business Credit Cards