Effects of Lying to Get Cheap Car Insurance Rate

Wrong Way to Get Cheap Car Insurance Rate Among all other types of insurance, car insurance seems to command the attention of many people. This may be unconnected to the fact that car insurance is made compulsory in many countries or states. That is, it is expected that car owners should insure their cars. Anything contrary to this may be deemed as illegal. For example, in USA it is mandatory that all vehicles must be insured with the exception of New Hampshire where you are not mandated to insure your car. Nevertheless you will need to prove that you can Continue ReadingEffects of Lying to Get Cheap Car Insurance Rate

10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

How to Get My 10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance Happy weekend to all the readers of my personal finance blog posts. Recently, I have been thinking on how to ensure you don’t miss any of my contents. With the hustling and bustling of the week, it is possible you hardly have enough time to do what you like to do. This will not only be applicable to those who are working in 9-5pm corporate jobs, it also applies to the self-employed. I can use myself as a case study. If you should ask me if I achieve all my goals Continue Reading10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance? There may be somebody out there like me who may be wondering about what the umbrella insurance means and what it covers. The first time I heard about umbrella insurance, I was totally at sea. At least I had little understanding of different types of insurance. I understood that auto insurance is the insurance policy you buy to provide coverage for certain incidents involving your car. I understood that homeowners purchase home insurance to protect their home property. I also understood that renters do buy renters insurance to protect their belongings. The question now is, Why Continue ReadingUnderstanding Umbrella Insurance