Professional Liability Insurance and its Importance

What is professional liability insurance? Professional Liability Insurance is the type of insurance that provides coverage for specialists against liability claims arising as a result of errors, omission or negligence in the course of performing their duties to their respective clients. Professional liability insurance can also be referred to as Errors and Omissions Insurance. When you open your office for business as a professional, there is tendency that you will be all out to ensure that you get contracts as fast and as much as possible. You want to quickly finish one job or contract so that you can move Continue ReadingProfessional Liability Insurance and its Importance

Car Rental Insurance: Find Out Whether You Need It

Car rental insurance usually generates controversy among renters especially if they are already covered by one type of insurance or the other. Of course, insurance should not be seen as an avoidable cost. It can provide protection from damages, liability and financial loss. It provides you safety and security against particular events covered in the insurance policy. In case of eventuality, you will not need to pay damages through your nose if you are the cause of an accident. Do You Need Car Rental Insurance? To answer the question whether you need car rental insurance or not, I will like Continue ReadingCar Rental Insurance: Find Out Whether You Need It

Travel Insurance: Find out if you actually need it

The Importance of Travel Insurance Have you ever considered the need for travel insurance? If you are among the people that think trip insurance is just a waste of money, you better have a rethink. Actually, the reason why some people think they don’t need travel insurance is simply because of ignorance. Probably, they don’t know what the insurance cover. An average American will be ready to save towards his vacation trip. But if you suggest the need to buy travel insurance, he will think that the insurance company is trying to force its product on him. I will say Continue ReadingTravel Insurance: Find out if you actually need it