Why your Car Insurance Rate May Increase

Car Insurance Rate Can Change. I want to assume that you don’t like paying high car insurance rates. In fact, one of the reasons you see people shopping around for car insurance, is because they are looking for cheap car insurance rates. Of course, it is possible to get cheap car insurance rates. I covered how one can achieve this in one of my earlier articles. Read Also: How to Get Really Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Today, let’s focus on why your car insurance rate may increase beyond what you paid in the previous year. The fact that you were Continue ReadingWhy your Car Insurance Rate May Increase

How to find a good insurance broker or agent

Benefits of engaging insurance broker You must have heard that an insurance broker or agent can help you secure good insurance deals. This can be true only if you are able to find a right one. All insurance brokers are good in their own right. But I don’t like that kind of generalisation. Any insurance broker that is able to help you achieve your insurance needs at a reasonable cost is the one that can be considered a good insurance broker. The benefits of working with a good insurance broker cannot be over-emphasised. They don’t work for insurance companies as Continue ReadingHow to find a good insurance broker or agent

Renters Insurance and its Importance to You

Importance of Renters Insurance Do I need renters insurance? If you are a renter and you care about your personal belongings, you may need renters insurance. I say you may need it because it is not mandatory that tenants must buy renters insurance. However, some landlords usually require that their tenants must ensure that they have renters insurance in place. What is Renters Insurance? Renters insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for renters against loss of their personal belongings and the liability within the property arising from other party different from the occupants of such property. Continue ReadingRenters Insurance and its Importance to You