The Risks of Driving with No Car Insurance Policy

Do you know that there are vehicles with no car insurance policy on the road? Even though this sounds incredible, there are people that choose to drive without any car insurance policy in place. Why will someone decide to drive a vehicle when he is aware that it has no car insurance policy? Well, some of them think they are cutting costs. This practice is totally wrong. Of course, some of those people that drive with no car insurance in place do this in ignorance. It is either they don’t know its implications at all or they don’t know the Continue ReadingThe Risks of Driving with No Car Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policy Mistakes You Should Avoid

Life Insurance Policy Pitfalls When it comes to life insurance policy, it may be very costly to make certain mistake. The problem with life insurance policy is that you may not be alive to witness or correct the mistakes which you might have made. So, prevention is better than cure, they say. Let me quickly take you through some of the mistakes people usually make with their life insurance policy. Choosing the cheapest life insurance policy   If you are searching for the cheapest life insurance policy, I will not say you can’t get it. But the problem is that, it Continue ReadingLife Insurance Policy Mistakes You Should Avoid

Home Insurance: Useful Guide for Homeowners

What is home Insurance? Before you buy your home insurance, it is better you get to know what it is all about. Since home insurance is not as popular as car insurance, it is not unlikely that many people may not understand the term properly. Even if you ask some homeowners what home insurance means, they may not be able to give you reasonable answer. I think our government and insurance companies have big roles to play in this area. Sorry, if I digressed a little. Let’s go back to our definition. Home insurance is simply a type of property insurance that Continue ReadingHome Insurance: Useful Guide for Homeowners