How not to fall victim of pump and dump scheme

Have you heard about pump and dump scheme? Possibly yes! But if I may ask you, what do you understand by pump and dump stocks? If you are an avid investor, you might probably know the meaning. But there are many beginner investors here who may want to understand its meaning. Therefore, before I go to the thrust of the article which is “how not to fall victim of pump and dump scheme” it is important that you understand the term. The reason is simple. If you are running on a road and you don’t know that there is a Continue ReadingHow not to fall victim of pump and dump scheme

Stock Market: Bear Market Explained

What is a bear market? Bear market is a term used to describe downward movement in stock prices over an extended period. In another word, when there is a downward trend in stock prices, it will be said that the market is bearish. Bearish market can last for months or years depending on the prevailing circumstances. Baer market can happen within one or more specific sectors. It can even cut across the entire stock market.  Please note that bear market is not restricted to stock market only. The term is used in financial markets generally and it means the same Continue ReadingStock Market: Bear Market Explained

How to Trade Stock Futures Profitably

What are Stock Futures? Stock futures are financial contracts, that is, legally binding agreement between two parties, to buy and sell underlying asset (stocks in this case) of specifying quantity in a future date at a price agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.  Once the stock future contract is agreed upon, both the buyer and seller are under obligation to buy or sell the underlying stock at the agreed price. The party that agrees to buy stock futures is said to take a long position. While the other party that agrees to sell the stock futures is said Continue ReadingHow to Trade Stock Futures Profitably