How to Take Advantage of Stock Market Crash

Have you heard about stock market crash before? What does it mean to you? What is your reaction to it? The thought or fear of stock market crash usually discourages many people from investing in the stock market. But if you ask these people what stock market crash is, they will give you all sorts of definitions or explanations. You hear people saying something like, “Stock market crash is when someone invests in stonother person once told me that “you can say that there is a stock market crash if people are no longer interested in buying shares”. Well, these Continue ReadingHow to Take Advantage of Stock Market Crash

Retirement Planning: Basic Steps You Must Take

Retirement planning is not an option but a must. Have you started planning for your retirement? This is an area you need to take very serious. There is a saying that; anyone who fails to plan has planned to fail. This is to tell you how dangerous it can be for anyone not to have a solid retirement planning in place. You can’t afford to leave your future to chance. Now, people are beginning to take retirement planning very serious. Therefore, sitting on the fence may not help you as an individual. Not having a plan goes beyond refusal to Continue ReadingRetirement Planning: Basic Steps You Must Take

High Dividend Stocks Investing for Beginner Investors

What are Dividend stocks? Stocks are classified as dividends stocks if the shareholders are rewarded on a regular and consistent basis with the significant portion of the income of the companies in which they had invested. When you invest in the stock of a company, you will be expecting returns on your investment. Returns on investment in stocks usually come in three ways. It can come through appreciation in the stock price, dividend income and the hybrid of the two. But when the returns you get from your investment in a particular stock is largely through dividend income; that stock Continue ReadingHigh Dividend Stocks Investing for Beginner Investors