Debt Free Living-How to Live a Debt Free Life

Is it possible to be debt free in this era of credit economy? The answer can be both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. If you believe that you can be debt free, I will say it is possible. On the other hand, if you think that living debt free life is impossible, then it may be really impossible. However, the essence of this article is to help people that desire debt free living to see clearly how they can easily reach the goal. At the same time, maybe this article will be an eye opener to the category of people who believe Continue ReadingDebt Free Living-How to Live a Debt Free Life

Short Term Loan for Bad Credit – Payday Loan

Accessing Short Term Loan for Emergency. Are you searching for short term loan that you can quickly use to bridge your liquidity gap? There is this particular short term loan option which is fast becoming a good alternative to other traditional loans. Possibly, you must have heard about it. It is Payday loan. We all know that people with bad credit cannot easily access loans whether short term loan, long term loan or even credit cards. So, one will ask, what is the fate of this category of people? Well, for every challenge, there is a solution somewhere else. Among Continue ReadingShort Term Loan for Bad Credit – Payday Loan

How to Refinance Car Loan for Better Result

Why should you refinance car loan? Are you contemplating on refinancing your car loan? Possibly you are already thinking about how rigorous it was for you when you applied for your existing car loan. You are already scared of starting and going through the process again. Well, the good news is that, it is easier to refinance car loan than you might ever imagine than to get new car loan. But before you jump into the conclusion that it is time to refinance your auto loan, it is important you understand certain circumstances which may necessitate anyone to refinance car Continue ReadingHow to Refinance Car Loan for Better Result

You Can Pay off Debt With These Strategies

How to Pay Off Debt. If you are finding it difficult to pay off debt, you are not alone. However, you don’t need to remain in debt perpetually. It is easier to accumulate debts. But when it comes to repayment, it is not always that easy as you may think. If you are debt free, I congratulate you. You may not actually know how important it is to be debt free. It is usually said that a cow does not know the value of its tail until it is cut off. Debt is not good. You cannot claim to have Continue ReadingYou Can Pay off Debt With These Strategies

See How High Interest Rate Is Killing You

Interest rate is more than a figure. What interest rate are you paying on your loan? When a financial institution advertises a credit facility, you will see something like “Interest rates range between 12% and 20%. The reality is that, only few people will get the loan at 12 per cent interest rate. In most cases, the loan will be given out at 20 per cent interest rate. The financial institutions usually have some modality for setting the interest rate that applies to individuals. Whatever the factor they consider, everything still bother about the credit risk of the person applying Continue ReadingSee How High Interest Rate Is Killing You