How to Get Out of Student Loan Default

Getting Out of Student Loan Default Do you have defaulted student loans? If you do, I can actually connect with your feelings. The truth is that, you are not alone. The rate at which borrowers are defaulting on student loans is very alarming. This is not to say that I am encouraging people to default in their student loans. Instead, I just want to let them know that having defaulted student loans is not the end of the world. Instead of allowing the debt burden to weigh you down, I think it is better that you think about possible solution. Continue ReadingHow to Get Out of Student Loan Default

Instalment Loans and Payday Loans compared

What are instalment loans? Installment loans are the types of loans that require the borrower to pay specific amount every month over a certain period until the total loan amount including interest is liquidated. Instalment loans can be secured or unsecured. Good examples of instalment loans are car loans, student loans, mortgage loans and home equity loans.  Many lending institutions offer online installment loans these days. This is different from revolving loans in the sense that you are borrowing a specific amount per time. But in the case of revolving loans, you will need to establish a credit line up Continue ReadingInstalment Loans and Payday Loans compared

10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance

How to Get My 10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance Happy weekend to all the readers of my personal finance blog posts. Recently, I have been thinking on how to ensure you don’t miss any of my contents. With the hustling and bustling of the week, it is possible you hardly have enough time to do what you like to do. This will not only be applicable to those who are working in 9-5pm corporate jobs, it also applies to the self-employed. I can use myself as a case study. If you should ask me if I achieve all my goals Continue Reading10 Latest Posts on Personal Finance