ESIMoney Acquires RockStar Finance

J. Money Sold RockStar Finance to ESIMoney

ESIMoney acquires RockStar Finance for six digits dollar amount. That is one of the top news everyone who is into personal finance blogging should know and celebrate. I happen to be one of the secret followers of J. Money through his blog post on BudgetsAreSexy. Why do I use the word ‘secret’? The reason is that I rarely comment on his post neither have I had any physical contact or interaction with him. In fact, I can say that both of us are thousands of kilometres apart. However, I realised that following someone may not actually involve visiting or knocking on his door. If you actually want to connect to somebody, you can do this by reading his write-up. If you are a blogger, you will understand what I am saying. When you write, it is not just about what you write alone. You are actually pouring out your mind with all your emotion and intelligence put together.

Don’t let me write too much outside the context of this article. The thrust of this article is just to congratulate J. Money on the sale of Rockstar Finance. At the same time, we at Myfinancekits extend our congratulatory message to John of ESIMoney, who J. Money described as a good friend and blogger veteran, for sealing the deal. May be, I should be more specific on why we deem it fit to congratulate the duo on the deal that led to the sale and acquisition of the Rockstar Finance. I have read the stories from both parties. I can say that it is actually a win-win. Besides, I consider this as a good development which is capable of motivating the younger personal finance bloggers to be their best in this ever more competitive blogging world. I will come back to that later.

Why I congratulate J. Money

Myfinancekits congratulates J. Money not because of the monetary benefits or gains he got from the sale of Rockstar Finance. Essentially, I see it as a landmark achievement for someone to build a blog from the scratch to the point that it becomes the toast of the whole world. With my little experience in blogging, I know what it means to keep a blog fresh with quality contents that people will like to read. I can imagine the countless number of sleepless nights that J. Money must have invested in Rockstar Finance to make it what it is today. To me, it doesn’t matter whether J. Money is no longer the owner of Rockstar Finance; the truth is that he has left a legacy for all Personal Finance Bloggers. I may not know what comments from other people may be but I would say that he made a good decision. It is not just about him, I can see that he has the interest of the larger blogger community at heart. And what a joy that J. Money is able to sell the site to someone he knows and trusts; someone who can add more features to the site thereby taking it to the next level. To confirm that Rockstar Finance will not experience any setback, I submitted my blog to the directory of personal finance bloggers, within twenty hours my blog appeared on the list of recently added blogs . I cannot but wish J. Money well as he enters another phase of his life.

Why I congratulate John, ESIMoney

I will start by saying that one good turn deserves another. To be sincere, I don’t know much about ESIMoney. However, I read about the testimony of J. Money about him. He described him and I quote as “Someone who’s not only been with this community longer than I have going on 12+ years now (!), but also someone I know is “in it for the right reasons”. The truth is that, it doesn’t matter how much John might have spent in order to make this acquisition happen. Not everybody can be granted this type of opportunity. I do hope that Rockstar Finance will scale a new height under his leadership. Once again, congratulations!

Personal Finance Bloggers

With our eyes widely open, we can see what is happening in the blogging world today. Blogging has gone beyond ordinary hobby. It is an investment. You might be blogging from the corner of your room, feeling lonely and at times, discouraged. But there is always a reward for hard work and excellence. Whatever you are doing, you may not know those that are watching you. But one day or in the near future, you will start reaping the rewards of your labour. So, keep at it. Don’t give up. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

3 thoughts on “ESIMoney Acquires RockStar Finance

  1. Amen, my (new) friend… Never know where your blog may take you! I stumbled across this world almost 10 years ago without knowing a thing about blogging – and now here we are doing it for a career and having fun with hundreds of others here all talking about something we’re passionate about 🙂 Hard to beat that…. And even if you just keep it up as a hobby on the side the benefits are still huge.

    So thank you for spreading the word about our community here, as well as the kind words towards me and ESI and my baby Rockstar Finance. I may not be at the helm anymore, but you’re right that the mission continues on! And it will be interesting to see just how much it continues helping people 🙂

    Have a very merry Christmas over there.


    • I am humbled. Thank you for making me one of your friends. You really have set the pace, thereby making things easier for the upcoming personal finance bloggers. You inspire me. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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