List of all Passwords and PINs I Ever Used

I believe that we all have the understanding of what passwords and PINs represent. I don’t think that there is anyone who will access this article that will not have at least one password. Do you want to prove me wrong? If you are a blogger, you will definitely need a password to login to the backend of your blog or website. If you have an email account, you will have a password. If you have ever registered in any online forum such as Rockstar Finance Forum, you will have a password.

Also, if you use either debit or credit card, you may likely have a PIN as some cards are made of chip and PIN. Permit me if your own situation is different. For the purpose of security, it is advised, that we change our passwords on a regular basis. This is to prevent possible unauthorised access to our privacy.

But the question I want to ask you is that, how do you ensure the security of your password or PINs? If you like, you can call it access code. Do you know that many people are after your passwords? This may be for different reasons. If I may ask you this question, what prompt you to open this article? Most people who will read this article will just want to have a glimpse of how my passwords look like. Some other people may even have ulterior motives. Please, I am not trying to accuse anyone here. I just want you to know how many people may be interested in your privacy for various reasons that will be best known to them. So, let’s go back to the question, how do you keep your secret information such as passwords, PIN and access code? Are you the type that stores your vital information on your phone? How secure is that phone? I remember a time when a friend of mine had a list of his passwords typed and stored in his laptop. He then use another password for that particular document. When I told him about the risk involved, he later had a second thought about it. He reasoned that he might be exposing himself unnecessarily. He later deleted the document completely from the folder and Recycle Bin.

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If you have not been taken good care of your vital information, this may be a wake-up call. Many people may be after your privacy. Identity theft is on the rise nowadays. It could cause a lot of damage to the victim. The same way you may want to see my list of passwords listed here is the same way many people may just like to poke into your private life. Please, if some people are disappointed for not seeing any password here, I don’t mean to deceive you. I just wanted a creative way of passing my message across to you. You may not know how many people are peeping behind you. Therefore, if you think that your private information has been compromised in one way or the other, this may be the right time to take necessary steps in order to protect yourself.

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