Credit Score: How to improve credit score

What is Credit Score? I don’t want you to see credit score as just three digit number assigned to you by the credit rating agencies. It is more than just a number. It has to do with your credit worthiness. And this is arrived at through the statistical analysis of your past credit information as contained in your credit file. Many lenders and businesses rely on credit score when it comes to assessing the creditworthiness of consumers in order to decide whether a person will pay bay his debt if granted credit. Credit score ranges between 300 and 850. Everybody Continue ReadingCredit Score: How to improve credit score

Mortgage Refinancing: Important Facts You Need to Know

What is mortgage refinancing? Mortgage refinancing in a layman language means that you are taking new mortgage loan to replace the existing one. Opportunity to refinance mortgage by homeowners is one of the advantages you can enjoy when you own your own house. Apart from the fact that the home serves as a place of abode for you, it is actually an investment. Besides, if you have a good equity in your home, it can also be a source of cheap loan to you. If you choose to refinance your mortgage, the new mortgage loan usually comes with new terms Continue ReadingMortgage Refinancing: Important Facts You Need to Know

Retirement Planning: Basic Steps You Must Take

Retirement planning is not an option but a must. Have you started planning for your retirement? This is an area you need to take very serious. There is a saying that; anyone who fails to plan has planned to fail. This is to tell you how dangerous it can be for anyone not to have a solid retirement planning in place. You can’t afford to leave your future to chance. Now, people are beginning to take retirement planning very serious. Therefore, sitting on the fence may not help you as an individual. Not having a plan goes beyond refusal to Continue ReadingRetirement Planning: Basic Steps You Must Take