After Paying Off Debt, What Next Must I Do?

“What should I do after paying off debt?” This question is common among those people who are about finishing or have just finished paying off their debts. If you have been in debt and have been paying it down gradually, you must have been looking towards to a date when you will completely be out of debts. By now, you will agree with me that it is easy to get into debts but it is not easy to get out of debt. One thing about debt is that, you will end up paying more than the amount you borrowed as Continue ReadingAfter Paying Off Debt, What Next Must I Do?

4 Cs of Credit You Need to Know Before Applying for Credit

What is 4 Cs of credit? Are you planning to apply for credit very soon? Definitely you will like to put things in order before you apply so that your application will not be rejected. Whether you are applying for personal loans or credit card, no financial institution will just grant you the loan or credit without assessing your credit worthiness. No matter your relationship with a bank, it is not automatic that your application for loan will be granted. Before your application is granted, the bank or credit card company will like to look at certain criteria. The criteria Continue Reading4 Cs of Credit You Need to Know Before Applying for Credit

Understanding Mutual Funds Investing

What are Mutual Funds? Mutual Funds serve as alternative to stock investing especially for those who don’t have expertise or time to analyse or monitor stocks by themselves. By definition, a mutual fund is a company that usually pool money together from different investors to purchase stocks, bonds, short term money market instruments and other securities. The combination of these securities and assting in mutual funds is similar but quite different from stocks investing. When you invest in mutual funds, you are buying the shares of the mutual fund company. The mutual fund in turn uses the money you invested Continue ReadingUnderstanding Mutual Funds Investing