Credit Card Fraud and Tips on How it Can Be Prevented

Ways to prevent Credit Card Fraud Every year, the reported cases on credit card frauds seem to be growing on an alarming rate. While some credit card fraud may involve large amount, some of them may fall below $200. But when you consider the number of people that use credit cards, it should not surprise you while the reported amount on credit card fraud can be staggering. The emphasis here is not even on the amount of money involved. Whether the amount involved in the fraud is one dollar or five thousand dollars, fraud is fraud. The painful thing about Continue ReadingCredit Card Fraud and Tips on How it Can Be Prevented

Why your Credit Card Application Can be Rejected

Checklist for Credit Card Application Has your credit card application been rejected lately? How did you feel about it? Do you know why the application is rejected? Whatever the reason may be, the conclusion is that your credit card application is declined. Naturally, no one likes rejection. If you ask for something, you will be delighted if your request is granted. But if it turns the other way round, its takes understanding and the power to control one’s emotion in order to accept the rejection. When it comes to the rejection of credit card application, other things may be attached. Continue ReadingWhy your Credit Card Application Can be Rejected

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

Do you know that you can get free credit report? If you don’t know, the answer is ‘yes’.  One of the principles I embraced which has helped me achieved some savings is the statement that you should not pay for what you can get for free. You can apply this principle too. If you can truly get free credit report, why should you need to pay for it? At times, what you need in order to achieve certain success in life is just a piece of information and not money. But some people believe that if you don’t have money, then Continue ReadingHow to Get Your Free Credit Report