How to Save Money When You Don’t Have Much

How to Save Money tips. How can someone save when he is not having enough money? Talking about savings when you are broke sounds like a paradox. The truth is that, no matter the level of your income, you can still save. What you need is to learn how to save money come rain come sunshine. Everything bothers on knowing what to do and your determination to do it. This article  on how to save money applies to almost everybody. It is practical and doable. Without wasting your time, let me quickly show you how to save money even when Continue ReadingHow to Save Money When You Don’t Have Much

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards

Pros and Cons of Credit Cards Almost everything that has advantages will have its own disadvantages. In the same vein, the way you will expect to enjoy some advantages when using a credit card, you should also be aware of the disadvantages it carries. In this article, we shall look at both the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards. Advantages of credit cards Ease of use: You will agree with me that it is very easy to carry just a plastic in your wallet than bundles of cash in your pocket. Your card is worth your credit limit. This means Continue ReadingAdvantages and disadvantages of credit cards

Effects of too Many Inquiries on Credit Reports

Soft and Hard Inquiries Inquiries made on your credit forms part of the information you should expect to see on your credit report. But if you are the type that doesn’t care to ask about your credit report, you may not know how many inquiries that appears on it. You can’t just assume that there will not be any inquiry on your credit report. Inquiries can appear on your credit report for different reasons. Below are some of the reasons enquiries can be made on your credit. Application for credit card Each time you apply for credit card, the card Continue ReadingEffects of too Many Inquiries on Credit Reports