Instalment Loans and Payday Loans compared

What are instalment loans? Installment loans are the types of loans that require the borrower to pay specific amount every month over a certain period until the total loan amount including interest is liquidated. Instalment loans can be secured or unsecured. Good examples of instalment loans are car loans, student loans, mortgage loans and home equity loans.  Many lending institutions offer online installment loans these days. This is different from revolving loans in the sense that you are borrowing a specific amount per time. But in the case of revolving loans, you will need to establish a credit line up Continue ReadingInstalment Loans and Payday Loans compared

List of all Passwords and PINs I Ever Used

I believe that we all have the understanding of what passwords and PINs represent. I don’t think that there is anyone who will access this article that will not have at least one password. Do you want to prove me wrong? If you are a blogger, you will definitely need a password to login to the backend of your blog or website. If you have an email account, you will have a password. If you have ever registered in any online forum such as Rockstar Finance Forum, you will have a password. Also, if you use either debit or credit Continue ReadingList of all Passwords and PINs I Ever Used

Qualities of a Good Insurance Company

How to Choose Right Insurance Company When shopping for insurance company, you need to consider many factors. But in most cases, the first or only thing that some people look for is the insurance company that offers the cheapest quotes. Of course, there may be nothing wrong in seeking for a way to cut costs so that one can make most of every dollar that he earns. Nevertheless, when it comes to insurance, there can be more to the price of a product or service. If you make only price your focus for choosing an insurance company, you can be Continue ReadingQualities of a Good Insurance Company