How to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

How can you use a credit card responsibly? If you are getting a credit card for the first time, I can imagine how excited you will feel. That plastic card you are holding is more than just a plastic. It can determine a lot about your finance depending on how you make use of it. Possibly you are already used to debit cards which offer you certain level of convenience over cash. Credit cards offer other benefits which your debit cards don’t offer. However, credit cards demand that you use it responsibly.  If you use your credit card responsibly, you Continue ReadingHow to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

Personal Finance Resolution You Need to Make in 2018

My Personal Finance Resolution. Happy New Year to you all! How was the holiday period? I hope you had enough rest. Actually, the holiday period was not supposed to be used just for junketing from one place to another only. Being the end of the year, it should be a time of soul searching and reflection. What were your expectations for last year? How many of them actually came through? What were those things you did right and what areas did you commit blunders? What were those things you did that you would have done differently? What opportunities did you Continue ReadingPersonal Finance Resolution You Need to Make in 2018

How I Turned Adversity into Opportunity

Are you looking for opportunities? What kind of opportunity are you looking for? It may be that you are looking for job opportunity or business opportunities. I will suggest that you don’t look too far anymore because opportunities abound around us.  Many people think that opportunities are as far as the distance between Minnesota and Mississippi. This may not be true. In most cases, what you are looking for resides in your pocket. What an irony! A lot of us miss opportunities because of the way or manner opportunities come to us. The reason is quite simple. “Opportunity often comes Continue ReadingHow I Turned Adversity into Opportunity