3 Ways to Pay Credit Card Balance

How Do You Pay Your Credit Card Balance? One of the advantages of using credit card over cash when it comes to making purchase is that, you will not need to pay for the item immediately. At the point of purchase, you are not spending your own money. You are actually borrowing money from your card issuer. This gives you opportunity to attend to your pressing needs even though you don’t have the money. It is a form of short term loan to you. However, you have the obligation to pay back the credit card balance to the card issuer. Continue Reading3 Ways to Pay Credit Card Balance

Why You Should Not Max out your Credit Card

Do you usually max out your credit card? When you get your credit card, the card issuer may not tell you directly not to max out your credit card. It is your responsibility to learn how to use your credit card responsibly. Unfortunately, some cardholders don’t even know what it means to max out credit card. At what point will you be considered to have maxed out your credit card? Well, before you can determine whether you are maxing out your credit card, you need to know your credit limit. When you are issued a credit card, your card issuer Continue ReadingWhy You Should Not Max out your Credit Card

Who Needs No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards?

Benefits of No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards There are certain cards that are classified as no foreign transaction fee credit cards. They are classified such way as you don’t need to pay any fee for using the card outside United States or outside your country if you are non-US cardholder. The usual thing is that, when you use your regular credit card outside US, you are charged a fee for converting your dollar into the currency of that country. However, this time around, you don’t need to make any foreign exchange by yourself. The conversion will be done automatically. Continue ReadingWho Needs No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards?