How to Use Present Value Calculator

Present Value Calculator seems to have come to the rescue of those people who cannot successfully apply the complex formula that was developed for the calculation of present value of annuity. But whether you are using the present value calculator or the formula to work out what the present value of an annuity is, the variables still remain the same. Without your understanding of these variables, you may not actually know how to apply them correctly. The danger is that, if you don’t get the variables right, you will always get the wrong result. This can result to a wrong Continue ReadingHow to Use Present Value Calculator

How to Take Advantage of Stock Market Crash

Have you heard about stock market crash before? What does it mean to you? What is your reaction to it? The thought or fear of stock market crash usually discourages many people from investing in the stock market. But if you ask these people what stock market crash is, they will give you all sorts of definitions or explanations. You hear people saying something like, “Stock market crash is when someone invests in stonother person once told me that “you can say that there is a stock market crash if people are no longer interested in buying shares”. Well, these Continue ReadingHow to Take Advantage of Stock Market Crash

How to pay for college tuition fee with ease

The thought of how to pay for college tuition fee is one of the problems many students are facing. It is generally said that education is the best legacy any parent can leave for his children. Unfortunately, many parents cannot afford to pay for their children’s school fees any longer. Many parents could not even earn enough income that will sustain the family. Some are over-burdened with debts as they are still struggling to pay back their loans. You shouldn’t be surprised that some parents are yet to pay off their student loans. No wonder the US student loan debts Continue ReadingHow to pay for college tuition fee with ease