Benefits of 0 Interest Credit Cards Explained

Do 0 interest credit cards exist? Of course, there are credit cards that allow you to make purchase without you having to pay interest on the card balance. If you are new to credit cards, this may sound unbelievable. I want you to clear your doubt as zero interest credit cards actually exist. What most people know about credit cards is high apr or interest rates. Well, that may be for the regular credit cards or credit cards for people with bad credit. Regular credit card companies will issue you a card so that you can use it to make Continue ReadingBenefits of 0 Interest Credit Cards Explained

ESIMoney Acquires RockStar Finance

J. Money Sold RockStar Finance to ESIMoney ESIMoney acquires RockStar Finance for six digits dollar amount. That is one of the top news everyone who is into personal finance blogging should know and celebrate. I happen to be one of the secret followers of J. Money through his blog post on BudgetsAreSexy. Why do I use the word ‘secret’? The reason is that I rarely comment on his post neither have I had any physical contact or interaction with him. In fact, I can say that both of us are thousands of kilometres apart. However, I realised that following someone Continue ReadingESIMoney Acquires RockStar Finance

Why Cheapest Car Insurance Quote May Not Be the Best

Are you always searching for the cheapest car insurance quotes? Well, that is a very good idea but the cheapest car insurance may not mean that you have the best deal. Before I go further into this article, may be, it will be nice to share this experience of my wife with you. As we were preparing for Christmas, she had a list of what she wanted to buy. We usually buy things ahead of yuletide period as much as possible. The reason is that, prices of some items normally skyrocket during this period. I think it is just because Continue ReadingWhy Cheapest Car Insurance Quote May Not Be the Best